EFT E610P 10L 6 Axis Agricultural Drone Frame


  1. Model: EFT E610P 10L 6 Axis
  2. Made by advanced engineering material, super strong & smooth
  3. Easy to assemble and disassemble
  4. Propeller: 23-24inch
  5. Supply voltage: 12S
  6. Maximum take-off weight: 25kg
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The EFT E610P 10L 6 Axis Agricultural Drone Frame is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically to meet the agricultural needs of farmers, offering numerous benefits at a remarkably low cost. This innovative drone frame represents a significant advancement in precision farming technology, enabling farmers to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize crop management practices.

One of the key advantages of the EFT E610P 10L 6 Axis Agricultural Drone Frame is its affordability. Compared to traditional agricultural machinery and equipment, this drone frame offers a cost-effective alternative that can significantly reduce the financial burden on farmers. By utilizing drone technology, farmers can access precision agriculture tools without the high upfront investment typically associated with such systems. This affordability opens up opportunities for smaller-scale farmers and agricultural businesses to adopt modern farming practices.

Furthermore, the use of this drone frame translates into tangible savings for farmers. By employing drones equipped with specialized sensors and imaging capabilities, farmers can gather real-time data on crop health, moisture levels, pest infestations, and other crucial parameters. This data allows for targeted interventions, such as precise pesticide application or irrigation, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste. As a result, farmers can achieve higher yields and better quality crops while reducing inputs like water, fertilizer, and chemicals—leading to cost savings in the long run.

The EFT E610P 10L 6 Axis Agricultural Drone Frame is also designed for ease of use and versatility. Its six-axis design provides stability and maneuverability, allowing it to navigate diverse terrain with precision. The frame’s lightweight construction and modular design make it easy to assemble, transport, and maintain, ensuring minimal downtime during farming operations.

Moreover, the integration of this drone frame into farming practices promotes sustainability. By employing targeted interventions based on actionable data, farmers can adopt more environmentally friendly practices, minimizing the ecological impact of conventional farming methods.

In conclusion, the EFT E610P 10L 6 Axis Agricultural Drone Frame offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for modern farmers seeking to optimize their agricultural operations. By leveraging drone technology, farmers can benefit from enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and sustainable farming practices—all of which contribute to the long-term success and viability of agriculture.

Propeller 23-24inch
Supply voltage 12S
Maximum take-off weight 25kg
Wheelbase 1404mm
Opening size 1495 X 1308 X 500mm
Folding size 945 X 848 X 500mm
Tank capacity 10L
Frame weight 5kg
Shipping Weight 9.678 kg
Shipping Dimensions 71 × 47 × 45 cm
Weight N/A

Frame, Frame+Motor, Frame+Motor+Spraying



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