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The Hobbywing X6 Plus motor, is optimized for multirotor applications. This combination delivers efficient performance and ample thrust suitable for various drone or UAV setups.

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Introduction: The Hobbywing X6 Plus motor, renowned for its efficiency and reliability, finds its perfect match in the 2480 propeller. This pairing is crucial for achieving optimal performance in multirotor applications, such as drones and UAVs. Understanding the dynamics and intricacies of this combination is essential for enthusiasts and professionals alike seeking to harness the full potential of their aerial platforms.

  1. Understanding the Hobbywing X6 Plus Motor: The Hobbywing X6 Plus motor distinguishes itself in the domain of brushless motors, presenting a fusion of robust power, exceptional efficiency, and enduring durability. Tailored for multirotor applications, this motor showcases impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous engineering to ensure steadfast performance in challenging aerial terrains. With its refined design, the X6 Plus motor shines in delivering the requisite thrust for nimble maneuvers and unwavering flight stability
  2. Synergy between Motor and Propeller: The seamless integration between the Hobbywing X6 Plus motor and the 2480 propeller is pivotal for achieving optimal performance in multirotor setups. By carefully choosing a propeller that complements the motor’s specifications, enthusiasts guarantee smooth power transmission and harness maximum thrust potential. This cohesive pairing elevates flight stability, responsiveness, and longevity, essential across diverse aerial endeavors such as aerial photography, surveillance missions, and recreational flying pursuits.
  3. Performance Considerations: When combining the Hobbywing motor with the 2480 propeller, numerous performance factors must be taken into account. Elements like motor KV rating, maximum current draw, propeller dimensions, and pitch directly influence flight dynamics and effectiveness. By meticulously assessing these variables and adjusting the setup accordingly, enthusiasts can customize performance to suit particular needs, whether that involves extended flight times, rapid maneuvers, or increased payload capabilities
  4. Optimizing Efficiency: Maximizing efficiency stands as a paramount objective when uniting the Hobbywing X6 Plus motor with the 2480 propeller. Streamlining power delivery minimizes energy loss and prolongs flight duration, vital for sustained missions and aerial activities. By carefully calibrating propeller selection, motor tuning, and maintaining meticulous balance, enthusiasts can boost efficiency while retaining optimal thrust and performance, thereby unlocking the full potential of their aerial platforms.
  5. Maximizing Thrust: The combination of the Hobbywing X6 Plus motor and the 2480 propeller excels in delivering impressive thrust, essential for agile flight maneuvers and dynamic aerial tasks. By harnessing the motor’s power and the propeller’s aerodynamic design, enthusiasts can achieve superior thrust-to-weight ratios, enabling quick acceleration, responsive controls, and precise altitude control. This enhanced thrust capability opens doors to advanced flight techniques and maneuvers, pushing the boundaries of aerial exploration.
  6. Ensuring Compatibility: Ensuring seamless compatibility between the Hobbywing X6 Plus motor and the 2480 propeller is essential to prevent performance constraints or potential damage. Enthusiasts must meticulously compare motor specifications with propeller attributes to confirm compatibility and maximize performance. Moreover, factors such as ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) capabilities and battery voltage should be considered to establish a cohesive and dependable aerial platform
  7. Fine-tuning Performance: Refining the performance of the Hobbywing X6 Plus motor with the 2480 propeller requires a methodical approach to harmonize thrust, efficiency, and stability. By conducting iterative testing and adjustments, enthusiasts can refine motor timing, ESC configurations, and propeller balance to achieve desired performance benchmarks. This optimization process enables customization tailored to specific flight missions, environmental factors, and pilot preferences, ensuring an optimal aerial experience.
  8. Practical Applications: The adaptability of the Hobbywing X6 Plus motor alongside the 2480 propeller spans across a plethora of practical uses within the drone and UAV domain. From aerial cinematography and mapping endeavors to critical search and rescue missions, this efficient amalgamation ensures the requisite reliability and performance for tackling a broad spectrum of challenges. Furthermore, its compatibility with an array of aerial platforms amplifies its utility, catering not only to hobbyists but also to professionals operating in diverse fields.

Conclusion: In the dynamic world of multirotor applications, the synergy between the Hobbywing X6 Plus motor represents a pinnacle of performance and efficiency. By understanding the nuances of this pairing and leveraging its capabilities, enthusiasts and professionals can unlock new horizons in aerial exploration, innovation, and creativity. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, the sky is truly the limit for those who harness the full potential of this exceptional combination.

Max Thrust 11.8kg/Axis (46V, Sea Level)
Recommended Takeoff Weight 3.5-5.5kg/Axis (46V, Sea Level)
Recommended Battery 12-14S(LiPo)
Operating Temperature -20~50℃
Total Weight 790g
Ingress Protection IPX6
KV Rating 150rpm/V
Stator Size 62*18mm
Powertrain Arm Tube Outer Diameter 30mm
Bearing Waterproof
Recommended LiPo Battery 12-14S(LiPo)
PWM Input Signal Level 3.3V/5V
Throttle Signal Frequency 50-500Hz
Operating Pulse Width 1050-1950us(Fixed or cannot be Programmed)
Max. Input Voltage 61V
Max. Input Current (Short duration) 100A(With/ Good Heat Dissipation)
Weight 0.9 kg




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