Hobbywing X8 Motor With 3011 Propeller CW | CCW

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The Hobbywing X8 motor paired with a 3011 propeller provides a powerful and efficient propulsion system suitable for various applications, particularly in multirotor or drone setups.

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The partnership between the Hobbywing X8 motor and a 3011 propeller presents a formidable and efficient propulsion system well-suited for a variety of applications, especially in multirotor or drone configurations. Here’s a breakdown of each component:

Hobbywing X8 Motor: The Hobbywing X8 motor is a brushless motor engineered specifically for multirotor applications like drones or UAVs, celebrated for its reliability, potency, and efficiency. Compared to brushed motors, brushless motors offer several advantages, including heightened efficiency, extended operational lifespan, and a superior power-to-weight ratio. The X8 motor’s specific specifications, such as its KV rating, maximum current capacity, and physical dimensions, are crucial in determining compatibility with different propellers and applications.

3011 Propeller: The designation “3011” signifies the propeller’s dimensions: a 30mm diameter and an 11mm pitch. This propeller is likely tailored for small-scale multirotor platforms, possibly micro or nano drones. The CW|CCW notation indicates the availability of both clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) rotating versions of the propeller. This feature is essential for multirotor setups, where opposing propellers must rotate in opposite directions to maintain stability.

When selecting propellers for the Hobbywing X8 motor, it’s vital to consider factors such as:

Size: Ensure the propeller diameter and pitch align with the motor’s specifications.

Rotation: Utilize both CW and CCW propellers in pairs to maintain balanced thrust and stability in the multirotor setup. Material: Propellers are available in various materials, such as carbon fiber.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations for the motor and propeller to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Additionally, factors like your drone’s weight, flight characteristics, and intended usage should influence your component selection for the setup.

Product Name :X8 Power System Combo
Max. Thrust :15.3kg/Axis (48V, Sea Level )
Recommended LiPo Battery :12S LiPo
Recommended Takeoff Weight : 5-7kg/Axis(48V,Sea Level)
Combo Weight :1040g
Waterproof Rating :IPX7
Operating Temperature :-20℃~65℃
Stator Size :81*20mm
KV Rating :100KV
O.D of Carbon Fiber Tube :Φ35mm/Φ30mm (*Tube Adapter will be Needed)
Bearing :NSK Ball Bearing (Waterproof)
Recommended LiPo Battery :6-12S LiPo
PWM Input Signal Level :3.3V/5V (Compatible )
Throttle Signal Frequency :50-500Hz
Operating Pulse Width : 1100-1940 μs (Fixed or cannot be Programmed )
Max. Input Voltage : 52.2V
Max. Input Current (Cont.) :80 A(w/ Good Heat Dissipation )
Max. Peak Current (10s) :100 A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation )
BEC : No
Nozzle Mounting Holes :Φ28.4mm-2*M3
Diameter×Pitch :3090
Weight :180g
Weight 1.3 kg




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